An international network of schools, developing culture with a philosophy of coaching

Our commitment to providing a world-class education is embodied in our global network of schools. We strive to cultivate a strong and positive school culture, which is achieved through our unique philosophy of coaching.

Our network comprises over eighty schools in various countries. These schools share a curriculum and educational philosophy, providing a consistent learning experience across their distinct locations.

At the heart of our mission is the creation of positive and supportive environments within schools, with the aim of fostering inclusive and diverse communities. By prioritising coaching and mentoring, students are encouraged to set and achieve their goals, whilst receiving consistent support and guidance to flourish both academically and personally. This ethos is mirrored by teacher development and the alignment of goals to the school narrative.

Education is valued not only as a means of acquiring academic knowledge, but also as a means of engaging with social and emotional intelligence. This drives the creation of a culture of support and growth across our network.

Our Founders

John Baumber
Kevin Holland
Take ownership of your journey, from start to end

Global Spirit Ed helps schools to distinguish themselves by transitioning from a culture of high-level, policy-driven accountability, that brings high levels of stress and pressure. To one that grants more autonomy to school leaders, teachers, and children. Our expert leaders are committed to mastery, instilling a culture of self-efficacy and personal empowerment.

We encourage both teachers and children to take an appreciative inquiry approach, focusing on the positives and strengths. Because, at the end of the day, there is nothing more critical than the social and emotional well-being of those in our care. From the children we teach to the staff who help them grow, we are committed to their continued success.

The future of education starts here