Our Founders

John Baumber

Founder and Director of Education

Having worked as Head of the International Centre for Educational Enhancement at the University of Bolton since January 2020, I’m excited to move forward to this fantastic new opportunity.

This role involves collaborating with a vast international network of educational institutions and trusts. Our goal? To craft bespoke, personalised approaches to education.

My mission is rooted in the belief that challenging objectives and authentic relationships with students fuel their growth and accomplishment. We must acknowledge that every student is unique, and personalising our approach is key. Encouraging agency is also vital in helping learners become self-motivated, fostering resilience and creativity within them.

As a pragmatist, I know achieving ambitious goals requires consistent pedagogy. We must create tools and models of teaching and learning proven to be effective, making effective teaching and learning the top priority. Leaders who can translate big ideas into effective classrooms must develop such methods. A relational culture cultivates professionalism, mastery, creativity, and autonomy, leading to continual improvement.