Our Founders

Kevin Holland

I am currently the CEO of Global SpiritEd, a community interest company that works across the breadth of educational sectors.  This is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved and is a truly collaborative and inspirational international network.

My passion for education grew out of a love of sport – plus a fabulous PE teacher that I’ll be forever grateful to.  I had a wide range of opportunities and experiences through PE and sport in school, this lead me to train as a Secondary PE teacher and begin a career in education in 2000.  I had fantastic mentors and opportunities to develop quickly during my first years teaching in Hampshire and was an ‘Advanced Skills Teacher’ by 2005, this journey added clarity to my educational beliefs and philosophies.  Following this period, I moved to work in London as my first step into senior leadership and continued this journey in Suffolk.

At this point my opportunities had been broad and personally developmental and challenging, increasing the enjoyment level!  Working as a local authority adviser for 4 years was amazing, then some diversity in role as an operations director in a sports coaching business before working at Bolton University.

This brings me to Global SpiritEd, an opportunity to continue working with a network of schools, university, educational partners, and brave leaders.

My own philosophy around education sits far from the top down, high levels of accountability and increasing stress and decreasing levels of well-being that seemingly drive our systems.  Promoting agency, autonomy, real life experiences, coaching alongside precise goal setting and the opportunity to follow your passions and dreams should be a reality.  All stakeholders in the system, children, teachers and wider, should be empowered to take ownership and lead their learning, done by, done with but not done to.

This ethos sits centrally to our support and focus within the Global SpiritED network.  Working with clarity, purpose and a clear morals, critically, contextualising each school to ensure sustainable development of each focus area; curriculum, person, leadership, school improvement.

I am excited about this next step in my career and to be working with all those involved.