Whole School design 

Trying to match space and time to the new ambitions.

Schools have looked very much the same for decades. Their very architecture and the way they design their curriculum and programmes of study can make a more personalised and self-regulated approach challenging. As such schools are making decisions to try and match space and time to the new ambitions. 

As a network, we have been inspired by Kunskapsskolan, by Expeditionary Learning and schools like Hi Tec High. Although physical adjustments to building are hard, how people arrange their classroom, and their schedules can assist building this approach. 

What is important to understand, is that to have the greatest impact of working differently and truly personalising learning, a holistic view of structures, both physically and pedagogically has to take place. And therefore if you are planning to make a radical change to the way the school operates, you need to be very certain it is having the impact you wish for. Which is why we feel the Global Sprit Ed